18" (45cm) Cinch Lock OTTOLOCK

OTTOLOCK is designed for quick stops and protecting against opportunity theft. Starting weight at just 145g and coiling to a compact 3 inch diameter, OTTOLOCK is truly portable and always there when you need it. OTTOLOCK is not a replacement for a U-Lock. For maximum security, use a redundant locking method with both a U-Lock and a secondary lock.


· LIGHTWEIGHT: Weighs only 145g - 260g and is easily stowed. So light and portable you won’t even know you are carrying it.

· COMPACT: Coils to a 3 inch diameter. Keep it in or around your saddle bag, backpack, in your pocket, or anywhere you want.

· DURABLE: Chip-resistant Cerakote® paint and Santoprene® plastic that will not scuff or harm finishes.

· CONVENIENT: Keyless resettable combination.

OTTOLOCK Applications

Bicycles Tools, Ladders & Generators

Auto/Truck Cargo & Racks Canoe, Kayak & SUP

Travel & Luggage Motorcycle Helmets & Soft Bags



18 in (46 cm) Cinch Lock

30 in (76 cm) Cinch Lock

60 in (152 cm) Cinch Lock


18” = 145g

30” = 175g

60” = 260g

Outer coil diameter

18” = 3.0"

30” = 3.5"

60” = 4.0"


Chip-resistant Cerakote® ceramic paint

Non-marring Santoprene® plastic

DuPont™ Kevlar® fiber

Proudly designed and manufactured in the USA


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